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The law essentially consist of a body of rules usually designed to regulate human conduct and the main setting for the operation of law is the society. The law is meant to be obeyed, which goes with an art of enforcement following sanction for any act of violation and defiance. In this scope we shall classify the law into two broad categories namely, Public Law and Private Law. Public Law covers areas of criminal law, administrative and constitutional law and deals with the society; everyone is affected by its application since it governs the relationship of individuals and the State. On the other hand the Private Law covers areas of Contract, Family, Welfare, Tort, Trusts and Succession in general and deals with the rights and duties of individuals towards each other rather than towards the State. Notwithstanding, we have Public International Law those rules to regulate the relationships among sovereign States. Private International Law also called Conflict of Laws, on the other hand, deals mainly with the system of laws which should be used in courts in cases which contain some foreign elements. Municipal law simply means a law of a particular State. The Ekontang Elad Chambers is legally aware that our clients could be affected in one way or the other by the law in the different categories of which the law operates and is competent to give advice, opinion and conduct consultations  where and whenever necessary to enable our clients meet up with the legal challenges of their relationships.