The worker constitutes an important factor in any consideration of national productive capacity and development. The relationship between him and his employer has been a subject of controversy especially in the aspects of rights, duties and liabilities under the law. The routine interaction between worker and the employer is usually governed by a contract of employment which is essentially based on the Labour Code as in the Republic of Cameroon. Industrial Law or Labour Law is also firmly rooted in the Law of Tort which entails a consideration of safety precautions for workers and aspects of the trade union law as well as industrial/labour relations. The Ekontang Elad Chambers is competent to give legal advice, opinion and assistance to our clients who may encounter any dispute in this area of competence.


Over the last decade a sustained pattern of building collapse and outbreaks has been observed in Cameroon which has become a serious concern among building practitioners and to the public authorities in the country given the extensive loss of housing investment and human lives. The main reasons for the increased collapse of buildings include poor inspection and monitoring, structural defects, defective designs/structure, illegal conversion alterations and most importantly non adherence to existing building regulations and laws. The Ekontang Elad Chambers being aware of this frailty give the best advice, opinion and assistance to our clients (as well as national and international construction companies) in the scope of implementation and enforcement of building legislation and regulations in Cameroon.