Exterior view to the Reunification Monument at Yaounde, Cameroon

Disputes, the processes of disputing and the means of resolving the same are perhaps known to man alone and thus forming part of his living. Over the years litigation and concept of dispute resolution and justice dispensation, has held sway. Its focus has been for judicial intervention through adversarial procedure in the resolution of dispute between individuals inter se as well as between individuals and the State. The trend presently in dispute resolution approaches have recourse to alternative Dispute resolution methods flexible to resolving disputes more quickly and at a lower cost than going through the tedious road of adversarial proceedings. ADR is associated with a variety of specific dispute resolution options such as Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation, Minitrial, Czse Evaluation and a lot of other hybrid mechanisms, which are alternative to the traditional court process. It is in the best interest of our clients if most of their problems encountered can be resolved through one of the ADR mechanism. The Ekontang Elad Chambers would give advice, opinion and assistance to our clients on this domain in resolving their dispute.