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Before you contact me, try and get a few details at hand about your problem, such as key dates, addresses, people involved, and any physical, material or financial impact or loss.  This will help me to advise you as quickly as possible whether I can help or not.  

You can phone, email, fill in a web form or write, whichever is best for you.  Whichever you choose, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and if I can’t help I’ll try and pass you on to someone who can.

If I do take on your case, you can be confident you have found the right person to represent you. Do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possibe.


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mediation over a court

Litigation can be a gruelling and painful experience. Mediation can provide a quicker and less stressful settlement. There are several good reasons to choose mediation over a court.

Mediation is normally conducted in one day or less and is most effective when conducted early in the dispute process. Therefore it is often quicker and as a result cheaper than going to trial. In addition, mediation tends to improve communication and therefore allows for a relationship to be maintained. This is useful where there is an ongoing business relationship or the opponent is a neighbour or relative and so some degree of relationship will need to exist afterwards.

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Many legal cases can be solved without going to court, which is just as well, because most people don’t relish the idea.  Going to court is usually a last resort only to be used when the alternatives have failed.  Others might relish their day in court.  In either case, we can help you be prepared and fight your corner.

Taking a case to court can be stressful and expensive so it is important you get legal advice about your chances of success and whether there are alternatives.  Unless your issue is urgent, such as being in danger of losing your home, your children or your job, the court will expect you to have tried to settle your dispute before taking legal action.